Workplace environment is one of the most important factors affecting the performance of each individual in the company.  Skyline Group allocates over 140,000 square feet of floorspace to its woven sector, and 132,500 square feet to its knitting sector.


Skyline Group provides a safe, well-ventilated, and healthy working environment. The factory premises have been built with comfort factors for work process in mind, such as well-planned machine placement and sequencing. We are also mindful in incorporating proper and sufficient arrangements for dining, access to safe drinking water, hygienic washrooms, day-care centre, emergency first aid facility and other personal safety assurances for our valued human resources. 

Our current audit status is as below:

  • BSCI certified

  • SEDEX (SMETA) certified

  • Higg index certified

  • ITS/Intertek audit approved

  • UL approved 

  • SGS approved

  • TUV approved

  • ICS certified

  • Accord listed (ID no. 10016, 12891)


We have also been approved by first party audits from Kiabi, Next, ECI, LCWAIKIKI, and others. Skyline Group can be contacted for further information on compliance certifications and other workplace safety measures, as well as information on buyer and third party approved audits.